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Printable Tips:
Moving Checklist
Finding boxes
Grocery stores, print shops, and recycling centers are great places to get boxes for your move.

Boxes and storage bins for your items.
Box up all loose items. Boxed items are easier to carry than several loose items. Boxing your items is also a great way to keep
organized. In addition, boxes can be easily stacked or moved on a dolly. Be sure all of your boxes have lids and all boxes are taped

Marking your boxes
Mark your boxes with up arrows so your boxes don’t get turned upside down during the move. Write “Fragile” on the outside of boxes
containing glass or other breakable items. This will ensure that nothing is stacked on top of your fragile items. On the outside of the
box, write the room that the contents came from to help you organize your items when you arrive at your destination.

Visualize your new space
Try to visualize where large or heavy items will be placed in your new location. This will avoid the labor-intensive task of moving
bulky items a second time. This also helps our moving team to keep moving paths open by strategically items.

Keep your neighbors informed
Let your neighbors know the date of your move, they can make arrangements to keep vehicles out of the way. In some instances,
access to a neighboring property may be required for a move. It is best to inform your neighbor in advance that a moving crew may
be on their property.

Talk with your children
Moving day can be kind of hectic for little ones. It’s a good idea to give them a little pep talk the night before the move. This will
help them prepare for the change, while getting them used to the idea of people removing items from their home. Letting them
pack a box with their most prized possessions often helps to relieve some of their uneasiness. Our friendly staff is sympathetic to your
children’s concerns and will do their best to make them comfortable during this process.

Keep Pets Safe
If you have pets, keep them crated or see if someone can watch them during the move. Pets can become nervous when our
moving team enters the residence. It’s easy for pets to escape during a move because doors are often left open.

Receiving your mail
Contact the post office with your change of address. You can pick up a change of address form at your local post office, or you can
file your change of address online at the United States Postal Service website.
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